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Mission: Rock your online exposure to a higher ground !!! even today !!!

Why RTF is so important for your online business?

  • We were all about videos directly produced at your event. For the new situation we develop new sets of communication tools to help you with an important part of your online communication. For instance online streams and product videos directly from your business or our broadcast studio; A ground-plan for all your projects reaching out to customers with all these new ways. Exploring the digital horizon and keeping your operations visible.

services (this will be revised)

Before the event

Prepare for your event

  • Re-edit and revitalize current video materials for your event

Most companies have all sorts of video material. Often it benefits from a post-production treatment

  • New video production

We are a full-service video company so production-wise the sky is the limit 🙂

  • Preparation for recordings during the event

Help us to prepare your recordings; send us your logo, text and graphics and anything that helps to prepare for the actual shoot at your trade show booth

During the event

Your choice at the event


Let’s capture the moment. Show your stand and your crew in action. Ready on the same day or within 24 hours! (without hosts)


Let’s record 3 to 10 videos of your products- and or services, in less than 30 minutes at your trade show stand


Let’s record 3 to 10 videos of your products- and or services, in less than 30 minutes at your trade show stand. The power host can stir up the mood and contribute to sell your story.


Trade show booth presentations can be gold. So, let’s record them. This way you can show them at any occasion outside the event

After the event

Use video to grow

  • Video database setup

Inhouse storage of your videos. Let’s be able to find your videomaterial within minutes or seconds to create and react to new opportunities

  • Multivideos (post) production 

What was recorded at the event can be re-used to create even better videos

  • (YouTube) Channel setup

Is your YouTube channel up to date. Or are you losing clients because nobody has the time to optimize your video channel?

  • Online advertising

Once you have everything in place this is the right thing to do to attract new clients

Make sure to obtain a reservation date before the recordings take place. 

more on services

There are many things that we can do for you in order to make the aftermath of your exhibition days a much bigger success! We actually record videos at your expo stand and render them into top-notch online videos, that will tell your story at the event for a much longer time. Afterwards, we can re-edit them with more details and provide an online audience. All you need is this service and you are ready to roll.

The idea of our video service is that our host enables you or one of your employees with a couple of questions to tell what really matters about your products and services, enabling you to inform your viewers in a convenient and sensible way. There are countless possibilities with this setup! Get in touch to choose the best one for you. Pick up the phone or use the contact form on this page.
“We receive loads of compliments for the videos”
Joris Bots


“It’s fantastic”
Billy Campbell

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